The end is near

This is going to be my year, although I am going to try my very best to make this my year, my year. It means I am going to graduate around May 2013. For this I am working on a big project and I want it to be stunning, mind blowing and more!
To begin with, I want to take my Tetris project as a base for this new project. The elements that fascinated me are:
- The pieces all together make something new (this can be changed every time). - The role that the owner has towards his own work. - The multifunctional pieces, they can be used for other purposes as well.
With this in mind I started thinking about this new project. 

Somewhere during the summer holiday I found this pictures of myself. I am around 1 year old. I put it in a frame, and I became more fascinated every time I looked at it. Me being so unaware of what is going to come up to me in live, having so much fun that very moment. I am happy.
So I wanted to use this photo of me, because I feel very bound with the happening on the photo comp…